Organic Bamboo & Corn Sanitary Pads


We’ve got some excellent news for you! While you pamper yourself and turn in for the day, be sure of a stain-free period. Our natural sanitary pads crafted with sustainable plant-based ingredients such as Bamboo Fibre and Corn Starch have got your back! Literally!


We aim to provide a comfortable, safe and rash-free period experience to all the powerful women out there!

Our customized packs contain a pad for every flow and contain a disposable pouch.

Our pads are gentle to your skin and kind to the planet as they are 95% biodegradable in 142 days & compostable in 152 days.

Bleach free, Rash free, Toxin Free, Plastic free, Fragrance-free, 95% Biodegradable & Compostable

Pack of 12 / Net weight: 30g

– Unwrap your sanitary pad from its protective film.
– Peel off the paper on the back of the pad.
– Bring your panty down to your knees and stick the sanitary pad.
– Press your pad to ensure that it is positioned right & tight.
– Use the wings of the pad to secure it to your panty.


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